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An early version of the graphics from when the game used GDI+ for its rendering layer.

Gravity Bounce is now available for FREE for Android devices (including tablets) here.

Gravity Bounce is available for purchase for the XBox 360 game console here.

Gameplay video on YouTube

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"Pretty cool stuff here despite the most dull, uninspiring visuals I’ve ever seen. Simply put you have to grab the balls in the play area with an electric lasso to charge them then launch them around the screen to make them collide with more charged balls to make them disappear. The physics in the game are well done and consistent enough to make launching the balls around predictable resulting in some truly excellent level designs. Very deceptively good indeed.

Buy It!"


GRAVITY BOUNCE is a unique game with deceptively simple yet challenging and addictive game-play. Slingshot your way through over 30 orbiting, bouncing gravity systems. Once you start you won't want to stop.

The game started as a purely academic exercise on my part. One day I just got curious about using an N-body gravitational system in some sort of game context. I wanted to play around some with optimizing the system resolution to the point where it could handle several gravitational bodies within the context of a game loop.

As it turns out, one of the most challenging technical details in making the game was special casing the behavior of two “tethered” bodies. Resolving gravitational systems, even doing so with high performance approximations, is a very well explored and well understood problem space. Arbitrarily picking out two of the bodies in the system and telling them to behave differently while still maintaining a feel of realistic physics and having those two bodies continue to effect the rest of the system correctly took a little finesse.

I’ve now developed a healthy hatred for television "safe areas". If it were up to me everyone would simply be required to throw out their old TVs and buy new digital TVs sporting nothing but HDMI ports. But I digress...

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A sample of the UI from my level design tool.

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